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Brisbane North
Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Chris – 0411 284 474, Kathryn – 0410 490 503

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    1. The client acknowledges that Kat’s Kritters (KK) sometimes allows dogs to play and interact directly with one another off leash. The client further acknowledges that due to this, injuries to pets may occur. The client agrees that KK will not be held liable for any injury or illness to your pet, and expressly waives any and all claims against KK, or its employees for any loss, injury or illness to their pet or their property while in the care of KK or any of the company’s staff. KK agrees to provide services in a reliable, safe, sanitary and trustworthy manner.


    2. The client agrees to disclose any behavioural/aggression problems that their pet has with other animals, toys, food or humans. The client is solely responsible for any harm or injury to any other animal, person or property caused by their pet while in the care of KK.


    3. The client understands that all pets accepted must be in good general health. Veterinarian information and proof of all required vaccinations must be provided on request to KK during the initial interview and immediately upon changes. Pets must be on a flea and tick prevention program whilst in our care.


    4. Under no circumstance will KK, or its staff, be held responsible for Paralysis Tick, Canine Influenza, injury, death, loss or damages of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any animal in the care of KK.


    5. Should any pet become ill or injured while in the care of KK, we reserve the right to administer necessary aid, and if required, transport the pet to a vet. Any expenses incurred are the responsibility of the client. KK will attempt to contact the client’s preferred vet, but
    reserves the right to transport the pet to another vet if necessary.


    6. The client agrees to pay any invoiced amount before commencement of agreed services, unless prior alternate arrangements are made.


    7. Cancellation within 24 hours of booking, inability to gain access to, or absence of the pet or collar or lead on arrival will be subject to a $50.00 fee. KK accepts no responsibility for any pet which escapes after we have left it in a fenced area.


    8. At all times your personal information will be kept private and confidential, KK will not disclose your information to a third party, unless in an emergency, and to assist authorities.


    9. We cannot guarantee which staff member will perform each service.


    10. KK has a current public liability insurance policy.


    11. Our staff are equipped for wet weather walking, however alternate arrangements may be made if it is unsafe to walk. Please advise if you don’t want your dog walked in wet weather.


    By submitting the above Service Agreement, you agree that you completely understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the contract.